If you are providing a US based number, enter your phone number as follows: +(1)(3-digit area code)(7-digit phone number)

There is no waiting list.

Only one profile per company is allowed, but when creating the company profile, a colleague can be added as a second participant. All notifications will be sent to the email of the primary point of contact listed in the company profile.

There is no limit to the number of meetings requested; however, not all meetings will be confirmed.

The following is a Tutorial on how to request meetings.

Confirmation emails are sent upon acceptance of the meeting by the counselor. Confirmed meetings will also be posted on the vendor dashboard. If you do not receive a confirmation email, the meeting was not accepted.

Yes, once you are inside the meeting room, you will be able to send an invitation.

Vendors must provide the proper cancellation notice either via the My Business Matches (MBM) scheduling site or at within 24hrs of the VOS, otherwise, they are considered a no-show. If the vendor cancels via MBM, an automatic email notification of the date and time of the cancellation is sent to the VOS program manager. Vendor access to meeting requests will be suspended after two no-shows. Based on a firm’s no-show status, the company will not be able to attend two consecutive vendor outreach sessions that they would previously be eligible to attend.

Notifications of upcoming sessions are not provided. Visit the following link for a schedule of upcoming sessions:

Participating Component Small Business Specialists and Prime Contractors for each month will be displayed on the Monthly Research section of the website.

Meeting requests do not guarantee a meeting. Not all meeting requests will be accepted. The small business specialists and prime contractors accept meetings based on their requirements. Submission of capability statements is required.

FAQs Platform Manual for users

You can edit your profile in 2 different ways:

1) Going to your Dashboard → Set up your profile → Update your profile.

2) Click on Hi… next to your name → Edit your profile.

1) To upload your files, like a brochure or logo, you need to click on the right top menu (where it says Hi, your name).

2) A list of actions will be displayed and one of them says “Upload files”. Click there to see the different fields to upload.

Take into consideration the maximum file size of 10MB and the allowed formats. Make sure your file upload is complete before you leave and that you can view the file uploaded.

1) You will find the full list of participants in the Directory section.

2) You can view the profile by clicking on “View profile” of each participant.

3) On the left side you will find different filters you can apply and the search bar to look for a specific participant or by a keyword. You can also chat with all the participants through the “Let’s connect” chat.

The MagicLink is a direct log in link that takes you to your Dashboard without asking for your email and password. You will find your Magic Link at the end of your confirmation email. You can also request it to our support team:

To find the companies you have matched with, you should go to Matches → My matches.

In this section you can see their profiles (View Profile), request a meeting (Request meeting) or contact them through our internal chat (Let’s Connect).

1) To manually update your Timezone you need to click on the right top menu (where it says Hi, your name).

2) You will see a box under “Your Timezone” where you can select your current timezone. Please note the platform will detect the Timezone of your location automatically when logging in.

To reschedule a meeting, you should follow these steps:

1) Cancel the meeting:

a) Go to Schedule → View/Update my schedule.

b) Look for the meeting that you want to cancel.

c) Click on Cancel meeting.

2) To request another meeting:

a) Go to Matches → My matches.

b) Look for the participant and click on the Request meeting button.

c) Choose the time and send the request.

To see your meeting requests you should:

1) Go to your Inbox → Requests received.

2) Click on View request.

3) Select the option to accept or decline the meeting request.


To see your full schedule of confirmed meetings click on Schedule → View/Update my schedule.

To test your computer or mobile before the meeting you should:

1) Access your Dashboard using your email and password or MagicLink.

2) Click on the red button that says Test my hardware.

To access your virtual meeting you should:

1) Go to Schedule → View/Update my schedule.

2) Look for the meeting that you want to join.

3) Click on the Join the virtual room button. Remember to test your hardware to ensure that your internet connection, web camera and microphone work correctly.

4) Click on the Join the meeting button.

Yes you can! To share your screen during the virtual meeting you have to click on the button located at the top of your screen that says “Share my screen” inside the virtual room.

Then click on “share my entire screen” and you are all set!

If you are experiencing technical difficulties during the virtual meeting, click on the “Request assistance” button inside the virtual room and an administrator will join the meeting to help you.

Ther are two ways to access the survey:

1) When the virtual meeting ends, click on Exit meeting and submit survey. You will access the survey automatically. Once completed, click on Save to send it.

2) If you didn’t complete the survey when the virtual meeting ended, you can follow these steps:

a) Go to Schedule → View/Update my schedule.

b) Look for the meeting that you want to submit a survey.

c) Click on Survey.

d) Complete the survey and click on Save to send it. 

You can communicate with all the participants of the event in the Directory section through our internal chat “Let’s Connect”.

To schedule a meeting with a participant that is not your Match you should contact the Support Team to help you: click on “Contact Support” in the right top corner of the platform or use the Chat box located at the right bottom corner.

There are two different ways to invite a colleague to the virtual meeting:

1) You can share your credentials with your colleague to login to your profile, go to “Schedule” and look for the meeting to join the virtual room, following the process as you, since the platform allows you to connect from different devices in the same session at the same time.

2) The second option is to use the button “invite to this meeting” once you join the virtual room. You can copy and paste the Magic Link with direct access to the virtual room to your colleague or type the email address or cellphone number and send it.

There are two ways to access your notifications:

1) By clicking on the bell located at the top right corner of the platform.

2) At the end of the Dashboard section.

To edit the notifications you would like to receive you should click on the bell and find the option “Notification settings”. You can activate or deactivate all your notifications there.